HJAIA Terminal Ceiling Replacement

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This project consisted of replacing the existing lighting and paging systems in the multi-tiered ceilings of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Working in the off-hours of the world busiest airport and maintaining a safe working environment with the constant flow of passengers was a couple of the challenges successfully met in the performance of this project.

HJAIA 5th Runway Expansion

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s new 5th runway was the largest public works project in Georgia history. Termed by the City of Atlanta as “The most important runway in America”, it is crucial to the current and continued growth. The connecting taxiway bridged over Interstate 285, requiring the coordination of many lane changes during construction.

MARTA Station Lighting Upgrades

This project consisted of retrofitting all of the existing station and parking lot lighting in three operating MARTA stations.

AirTran Hangar

AirTran Hangar
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Construction of the new Maintenance Hanger for AirTran Airways in Atlanta involved extension of the taxiway apron, hanger, and corporate offices.

Worldspan Reliability Center

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This computer center had over 190,000 square feet of usable raised floor area in addition to office and mechanical and electrical plant areas. For this project, (8) 4000 amp 600 volt switchboards, (8) 750 KVA 600 volt UPS units, and (8) 3,000 KVA 600 volt generators providing 100 percent back-up were used in case of utility power interruption. At the time of the installation, the eight 3,000 KVA generator sets were the largest installation of its type in the world.

Strategic Airport Systems Fiber Optic Cabling

This project consisted of pulling, terminating, and testing the multiple single mode / multi mode composite fiber optic cables that tied all the communications rooms together and a backbone that tied all the concourses together at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Fire Alarm Upgrade

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This project involved the installation of a new fire alarm system to replace the existing outdated system at the nine floor main office and production facility for the largest Atlanta newspaper.

Atlanta City Detention Center

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This project included installation of all power distribution equipment and lighting at the new nine floor Detention Center in downtown Atlanta.

Taxiway "R" Extension / South Cargo Ramp
Northside Airfield Renovations
Apron Paving and Taxiway Relocation
Taxiway "A & B" Electrical Rehabilitation
Taxiway "M" Reconstruction

These projects all consisted of reworking the existing and installation of new power and controls for hundreds of the critical taxiway and runway lights at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport.

Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport Food & Beverage Concessions

Hartsfield Airport Beverage Concessions
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This fast-track project consisted of finishing twenty-six tenant spaces concurrently for the new concessionaires at various concourses at the Atlanta Airport. This was a last-minute project in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games.

Georgia Tech Olympic Aquatic Center

This facility located on the Georgia Tech campus in downtown Atlanta involving the installation of mobile generators, pool lighting, canopy-mounted sportslighters and temporary power and control wiring for the various TV crews at the 1996 Olympic Games.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Infrastructure Upgrade

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This project consisted of the renovation of 132,000 square foot of office space, power distribution upgrades, and data/telephone cabling at this 24 hour operation newspaper facility.

Delta AirLines Technical Operation Center 12470V Substation Upgrade

Delta Airlines Technical Operation Center Substation Upgrade - Click to enlarge
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This project involved the removal of the existing 4160V substations and their primary and secondary feeders along with their replacement by the new 12470V substations and the associated primary loops and secondary feeders.