Safety Is Our Top Priority

At UpTime Electric, we pride ourselves on providing both you as a customer and our employees a safe, productive working environment. It is our belief that any safety strategy should be proactive, and not reactive. To prevent accidents from happening is our goal.

As the customer, your concern should be the operation of your business, not ensuring the electricians working for you are utilizing safe working practices. That is why you can count on UpTime to provide you with that measure of protection.

Our personnel receive continuing education on safety from a variety of sources, including OSHA certification classes, NECA training, manufacturer equipment certification, and specialized industry instructors.

Our experience modifiers over the past three years are as follows:

  • EMR 2015 — .80
  • EMR 2016 — .79
  • EMR 2017 — .82

Our personnel are provided with the ongoing training, proper personal protective equipment as required by NFPA 70E, and most of all, the dedication to constant awareness that is the most important factor in maintaining a safe working environment. If you would like to review our Safety Policy manual, please contact us.