SYSTIMAX -- Structured Connectivity Solutions

Systimax Solutions Business PartnerSYSTIMAX - Structured Connectivity Solutions (SCS) are about quality, innovation, integration and advancing network performance, providing advanced solutions that help organizations manage voice, data and video communications over a single multi-service infrastructure.

SYSTIMAX SCS provide the benefits of a true end-to-end solution - the highest levels of performance and reliability from products designed by a single source to work in harmony with one another. Developed in anticipation of the high bandwidth requirements of tomorrow's business environment, SYSTIMAX SCS innovations in cable and connector design constantly push the boundaries of bandwidth and throughput.

As the worldwide market leader SYSTIMAX SCS is known for setting industry trends, and driving the development of new cabling standards. This is made possible by SYSTIMAX Labs, who provide the technical expertise and innovative ingenuity behind these advanced solutions, and understand where future applications and network related technology are heading. The Systems Engineering group takes the knowledge of future network trends and defines high-level systems (channel) performance requirements necessary to support where the network will be in 5 years. Only then do we define specific component requirements that optimally support the systems level specifications. The result is to rapidly deliver competitive technology for the world's best communications solutions that allow businesses to excel. This activity ensures that SYSTIMAX SCS customers can be confident that their cabling investment meets both component and cabling system standards. Through participation in a wide range of communication standards, SYSTIMAX SCS engineers can also ensure that customer’s applications and networks will be supported reliably, backed by the knowledge and support of SYSTIMAX Labs. In comparison, many vendors who only make individual components focus on component performance and then search for other component vendors to complete their "channel solutions".

Peace of Mind with The Best Warranty in the Business

The quality of a cabling solution's warranty is the best assurance that system faults will not result in unexpected costs. The SYSTIMAX SCS warranty covers not only the system components, but also the performance of specific applications for a full 20 years. No one can match the advantage of the SYSTIMAX SCS Extended Product Warranty and Application Assurance Program. Not only is the product warranty on the passive components extended to 20 years for all certified sites, but the applications assurance covers existing and future applications you may want to support - applications that haven't even been developed yet. By warranting any future applications that meet recognized standards using ISO/IEC IS 11801 or TIA/EIA 568-B, SYSTIMAX SCS allows you to virtually "future proof" your connectivity infrastructure. But it doesn't stop there. The applications assurance is further enhanced by including EMC compliance assurance for all certified sites.

SYSTIMAX SCS is the most widely used cabling solution in the world, according to Frost & Sullivan and other independent researchers and analysts. SYSTIMAX cabling is being installed at a rate of more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) per day with 140,000 new points of connection per day in 90+ countries.

UpTime Electric is proud to be an Authorized Business Partner with SYSTIMAX. We feel that with our decades of data and communications cabling design and installation experience in combination with the industry-leading resources of SYSTIMAX, we can provide our clients with an exceptional solution to their network infrastructure needs.

SYSTIMAX SCS Offers a Combination of Copper and Fiber Media

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